We have experience servicing all retail channels: Ecommerce, drug, department, national retailers, sporting goods, and independent specialty retailers. We strive to form a partnership with our retailers and create win-win progressive relationships that favor helping the retailer deliver growth performance.

For our retail partnerships, again we abide by two essential concepts:


At Brighteye Innovations, we have in-house design, marketing, sales, and fulfillment operations. We maintain proper inventory levels and shipping timelines with true diligence. By analyzing all sales, we accurately forecast product performance— ensuring we meet your intake requirements, while deterring lost sales resulting from out-of-stock products.


The holistic approach of Brighteye Innovations’ product development, marketing and merchandising means identifying and understanding all opportunities. We know the specific in- and out-of-store support necessary for successful sales levels, and the specific strategies that maximize sales. In-store signage and floor displays, kiosks, in-store video— whatever you need Brighteye Innovations can produce.

Brighteye Innovations is dedicated to supporting our distributors and dealers, in every capacity we can. We strive to provide our dealers with profitable and healthy margins, while maintaining a low cost for the end-customer. To do this, we work with competitive factories; and we of course, work on thin margins on our end.

To become a Distributor or Dealer for Brighteye, please email us HERE or fax to 888-304-5454.

Please allow 2-3 days for the approval and activation of your account. When your account is approved, you will receive an email with additional information and a phone call to discuss any requests you have. Once again, we thank you for your interest.

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